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Hi Mart - 10rolls 760x990mm Kitchen Garden Office Garbage Bag Garbage Dustbin Karung Sampah Plastic Sampah Bag 圈形垃圾袋
Product SKU GARBAGE-ROLL-10packs760x990
Brand Local Brand
Availability In Stock

Design - Black Colour
Quantity - 10rolls x +-10pcs
1pack bag (+-10pcs) packing in plastic : +-24x10cm
Bag before open : +-20cm x 99cm
Bag after open : +-75x99cm


Design - suitable for buffet,restaurant,school,office,homestay,cafe,distributors,hotels,cleaning contractors,gardening,hospital,clinic,factory,public places with high-speed usage and high-speed usage event presentation activity,planners, high-speed usage of pet shop and owner to clean up pet waste,high-speed use of cleaning staff,maid recruitment company etc,hope dear you can understand us,hope you like it.