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XIN mop
XIN mop
XIN mop

About Us 

We do only mop and we know it well. With over 30 years of experience in household cleaning materials mainly mops, we can assure to provide you the right cleaning materials to keep your home clean and tidy.

Our variety of mops comes in various sizes such as small, medium, large and also extra-large.

Our mops are manufactured using high quality cotton yarn while the plastic mop head is manufactured by 100% original Titan Polypropylene. We guarantee our customers top quality and long-lasting mops.

Wide Range Of Floor Mops

Since 1983, our main focus has been on floor mops and today we have a wide range of floor mops which includes:

  1. White Color Cotton Mop
  2. Semi Color Cotton Mop
  3. Jumbo Large Cotton Mop
  4. Micro Fabric Mop
  5. OEM Mop
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